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Fashion Floors supplies and installs almost any type of commercial flooring imaginable. Representing over 100 quality manufacturers that offer literally thousands of specialty flooring types and styles Fashion Floors is certain to have exactly what you need. We do not stop there. To ensure a successful project many factors are key to identify and address before the flooring goes down.

  • FLOOR PREPARATION — Floor leveling, sub-floor patch, repair, moisture remediation, are all common challenges that must be resolved prior to installation. Fashion Floors teams are experienced and highly trained to address and correct these issues
  • DEMOLITION & RECLAMATION — We are not afraid of getting our hands dirty, so we will rip up and remove your existing flooring. In addition, we are part of the StarNet® Reclamation Program and are committed to showing you how we protect our environment.
  • TROUBLESHOOTING — Through exposure to an extensive array of serious flooring problems, Fashion Floors has developed an exceptional ability to diagnose and correct dilemmas that other companies turn away.
  • OCCUPIED SPACES — Your schedule is a priority, so we will remove and relocate furniture, fixtures and merchandise to a staging area and then return it to its original location to help you avoid business delays. We can also “lift” your modular systems furniture.

We strive to take the best care possible of our clients by knowing the most up-to-date technical information that is pertinent to their projects.

Our commitment to you is based on our belief in maintaining the highest professional standards possible.
Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

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