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The style of a space excels with finished wood and this is especially true when real wood finishes a floor. Fashion Floors warms the imagination by offering pre-finished three-quarters inch hard wood floors with tenderly kissed edges that emulate nature's real beauty.

Technology has allowed wood makers to minimize the use of nature's resources with engineered products and at the same time increase the hardness of the individual wood types. Everything from floating wood, nail down, glue down and sand and finish wood floors are available at Fashion Floors. Our experts are here to assist you with comparisons and to answer your questions, so you can find the right option for space.

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If you are interested in taking on installing your floor yourself, plastic laminate floors may provide you with the looks, economics, and durability you want, while providing a manageable installation process. With all the laminates out on the market the decision can be overwhelming. We would like to help you so you know you have made a reasonable and prudent decision.

Stylish, durable, warm, soft, and natural is the essence of cork. Cork is for that special room where you want a look that creates serenity to round out your day. This relatively new option will provide your space with a unique and special feel. Let us help you with this exciting option!



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